VendorPayment is recognized by the State of Illinois as a qualified purchaser for your overdue invoices. Using the services of VendorPayment, vendors who sell goods and services to the State of Illinois can finally be out from the burden of poor cash flow.

The State of Illinois has encountered some difficulties with paying its valued vendors due to lack of sufficient funds. This has resulted in slow and no payments for some vendors. Vendors who have trouble getting their State of Illinois invoices paid in a timely manner suffer on multiple fronts. Their own business credit rating may suffer due to lack of funds to pay bills. They’ve had to sacrifice personal paychecks and delay the purchase of desperately needed inventory. All of these problems can now be resolved through the State of Illinois Vendor Payment Program and

Payment Certainty

By enrolling online at, vendors who provide goods and services to the State of Illinois can be certain that eligible invoices are finally paid in a timely fashion. They no longer have to worry about significantly delayed payments — wondering when, or if, an invoice is going to be paid. After successfully enrolling in the Vendor Payment Program and submitting eligible invoices, vendors can expect to receive 100% of their invoice value. With VendorPayment, payment is a certainty, not a hope.

Focus on Business

Having the promise of payment certainty through VendorPayment, vendors of the State of Illinois can focus on future business with the state. There’s no longer the uncertainty of whether a vendor should continue to do business with a late or non-paying customer. Now, vendors can be sure that their goods and services will definitely be paid for. That leaves vendors free to pursue more business with the Illinois government.

The VendorPayment company is a good partner for vendors of the State of Illinois because it makes it simple for vendors to enroll in the State of Illinois Vendor Payment Program and finally receive payment for eligible overdue invoices. Sign up today to get started.


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