Industries we Serve

When working with federal, state, or local governments, the type of industry you work in can have an outsized impact on how well you can scale your business, how quickly you get paid, and even the rules and regulations needed to succeed.

Defense & Aerospace Icon


The aerospace sector is a significant part of the American economy. Growing America’s aerospace industry is of paramount importance to maintaining our nation's advantage in global technology. VendorPayment has been working in the Aerospace industry with 100+ years of combined experience.

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IT & Cyber Security

Information technology is a growing industry in the United States and abroad. IT growth is a staple of our economy and the backbone to our national security apparatus. VendorPayment will enable your growth by providing capital needed to allow you to fulfill your contract.

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Facility Maintenance

VendorPayment understands the hard work that individuals in the facility maintenance field put in to keep the lights running. We have assisted a variety of facility maintenance government contractors in both winning and fulfilling contracts.

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Health Care & Life Science

The health care & life science industry is in constant need of doctors, nurses, contractors, and personnel. VendorPayment can help your business by providing capital needed while you provide extraordinary health care and health care related services.

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Government Consulting

We can assist with consultant impact agencies within intelligence, civilian, and other areas. Hiring consultants gives contractors within government agencies the opportunity retains some of the best minds and talent in a designated field.

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Government Staffing

The high costs associated with new employees combined providing benefits makes outsourcing staff particularly attractive to government agencies. VendorPayment is a unique position to help with the cash flow needs when providing government agencies staffing.