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Illinois Vendor Payment Program

Our mission is to provide a transparent and efficient payment solution to the Illinois business community. Our solution is designed with ease of use in mind, and aims to reduce the delay that State vendors may experience as they await payments for the goods and services they have already provided to the State.

The State of Illinois approved VendorPayment as a Qualified Purchaser following a rigorous vetting process. VendorPayment’s mandate is to fund vendors of all sizes.

VendorPayment was established by an award-winning investment management firm founded in 2006, specifically to serve the needs of federal, state and municipal vendors in the U.S. We are proud to support government vendors and the valuable work they do. Whether small businesses or large corporations, government vendors are key stakeholders in our economy, serving the needs of our country.

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The State of Illinois created the Vendor Payment Program (the “Program”) to address the issue of delayed payments to its vendors. Consistent with the Program’s guidelines, VendorPayment will pay 100% of the value of the invoice.

Our application is easy to complete, secure, and does not require a commitment.

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