The State of Illinois Vendor Payment Program is such great news for vendors that some people may be skeptical that it’s too good to be true. The vast majority of this skepticism has arisen because of the length of time that vendors have already had to wait for payment. But, however skeptical a person may be, the Vendor Payment Program has multiple benefits. Here are some of the most common vendor complaints and how the Vendor Payment Program resolves them.

Receivables With the State Are Past Due

This is exactly why the program was implemented. When any invoice hasn’t been paid for 90 days, a vendor has a right to be skeptical when a program comes along that promises timely payment. But that’s exactly how it works. Eligible invoices get 100% paid.

VendorPayment is focused on getting you paid.

We do one thing and we do it well.  When you sign up at, you’ll be dealing with VendorPayment, not the state. VendorPayment makes it easy to get your overdue invoices paid.

The State Can Be Slow to Pay Invoices

The State of Illinois has many invoices that haven’t been paid on time. They want to assure vendors that doing business with them in the future will be better. That’s why they implemented the program: to ensure timely payments for their valued vendors.

Vendors Could Use the Cash Flow From Open Receivables With the State

The State of Illinois is acutely aware that vendors have suffered severe ramifications from the lack of cash flow from overdue receivables. From now on, vendors are assured 100% payment of their invoices with the State.

Assurance of Payment

Prior to implementation of the program, vendors with grossly overdue receivables with the State of Illinois may have wondered if they were ever going to get paid. As a Qualified Purchaser, VendorPayment is able to give assurance of payment for eligible invoices to enrolled vendors on a specific date.

Don’t delay any longer. Get your overdue receivables paid through  Signing up only takes a few minutes.


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